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Black Merino T-shirt with a graphic that reads "Support your local bike shop" printed in blue.
Lifestyle image of a man wearing the black Merino support your local bike shop bike t-shirt
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Support your local bike shop Merino Shirt

$ 60.00

Show your support for your local shop. Why? Because when stuff is broken on your bike they are there for you. They support your local riding scene and your local economy. When you shop local you reduce your environmental impact. But most of all cool bike shops also have a way of making your community unique. 

Merino wool is the finest wool on the planet, originating from the ancient Merino sheep.  Merino sheep's wool is different from your average wool.  Merino sheep lived high in the mountains in extreme weather, where other sheep would perish they thrived. That is what makes merino wool perfect for wicking in summer and insulating in the winter. Made with ultra soft 150 gram jersey knit odor resistant merino wool,  shirt is perfect on or off the trails in any season.   

  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Made in China
  • Use our coupon to save money and support your local bike shop!